Do YOU Run A Coin-Shop Or Bullion Business?

Partner with us for larger order fulfillment.

What is drop shipping?

  1. For Occasions When Your Client Wants To Buy Product From You That You Either Don’t Have, Or Don’t Have Enough Of.
  2. Invoice your client, Lock-In Your Order with us, Capture your profit margin immediately and we’ll ship the order “white labelled*” directly to your customer on your behalf. We will never solicit your customer.

*White label shipping means we do not reference our company anywhere in or on the box. The packing slip only has an itemized list of the contents and we can include a copy of YOUR invoice to the client.

Why would I use drop shipping?

  • Increase your sales by offering products and quantity you wouldn’t normally keep in stock.
  • Saves you money as we cover the shipping and insurance.

Why Use Ottawa Bullion Wholesale For Drop-Shipping?

  • Benefit From Our Efficient, Streamlined Ordering Process 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days A Week

  • We Offer Mint-Fresh Inventory On Most Products We Sell

  • Fully Insured Shipments With Reputable Couriers

  • Our Ultra-Low Premiums Allow You To Profit

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