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Ottawa Bullion Wholesale is pleased to offer our clients a robust storage solution for their precious metals at a location outside of North America. Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) is a Class 3 UL Rated Precious Metal Storage Facility located in the Cayman Islands. Our partnership with SWP allows for Ottawa Bullion Wholesale clients to choose to store their Gold & Silver at SWP Cayman either in their own name and deal with SWP directly, or to have Ottawa Bullion act on your behalf and manage your assets for you.

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Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP)

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) is a purpose built precious metals storage facility located in the Cayman Islands. Independently owned and privately operated, we are the best and closest offshore storage option for North American investors seeking to internationalize their hard assets.

When you store your precious metals with SWP, you can do so with complete peace-of-mind. Your investment is always 100% allocated, segregated and insured in an offshore investor friendly jurisdiction. Our UL rated Class III vault and state-of-the-art facility is second to none.

In choosing the Cayman Islands, you’re selecting the best possible jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere in which to store your wealth. The Cayman Islands is the fifth largest financial center in the world. The financial industry is Cayman’s lifeblood and, as such, economic freedom is understood by both the government and its people to be essential for mutual prosperity. SWP does not have any wealth-reporting requirements to the Cayman or any foreign governments.

To learn more about SWP’s Cayman Islands storage facility, including rates and how Ottawa Bullion Wholesale can help you Buy and Store Precious Metals with SWP, please contact us at: